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Digestive Issues  

I had always suffered from digestive issues my whole life, and the “traditional” doctors all had different diagnosis or theories for them. After numerous tests and prescriptions, I decided to go to Dr. Ma, who examined my lifestyle and took a more holistic approach to my treatment — which included lifestyle adjustments, acupuncture and Chinese Herbal treatment. Needless to say, after only a few sessions with her, she was able to solve these digestive issues that I spent years struggling with, and in hindsight, misdiagnosed by “Western” doctors. Highly recommend!

Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Christine is extremely detailed and thorough and a very compassionate doctor. She spent time going through my medical history and listening to my symptoms, and was able to alleviate my fatigue, low energy, and cloudiness caused by an autoimmune disease within a week after months of searching for an answer! I moved to Georgia and still continue to see her as my doctor and have recommended her to friends and family. She has been a key part of my current good health and I highly recommend!

Chinese Herbs & Insomnia

Dr. Ma is incredibly attentive and caring. I came in with one of the worst emotional insomnia cases in history, and she has stayed in contact with me daily trying to figure out the best herbal solution to the problem, tweaking the formula and listening to my daily concerns. I’m happy to say after a few months, I started sleeping a lot more, and while there have been setbacks, I am 100% convinced that a lot of the progress I’ve made has been due to Dr. Ma’s careful observance. She is a serious mensch!

Acupuncture & Pregnancy 

Dr. Ma has helped me with acupuncture treatments during both of my pregnancies. I found a huge benefit in seeing Dr. Ma. I not only valued her expertise, but I also appreciated her kind manner that made each session enjoyable. Furthermore, she was extremely accommodating. At times she would even make home visits when it was too difficult for me to travel. Dr. Ma came highly recommended to me from another physician and as a patient, I now highly recommend Dr. Ma.


I first came to see Dr Christine in 2013. I had cystic acne ALL over my face. I had gone from OBGYNs to specialist doctors and they just wanted to put me on medicines that made me even more sick and didn’t solve the problem. Dr Christine did a comprehensive review of my entire health history, my diet, lifestyle, and everything I was taking and made suggestions on supplements and treatments I could do at home. I’m now 100% makeup free, happy and full of energy. Dr Christine helped me achieve all these goals and I still follow them to this day. She truly is compassionate, smart and caring. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Holistic Health

I appreciate Dr. Serena doing research and providing me great nutritional supplement options. I’ve been focused on health for a while but I can easily see vast improvements in my approach to diet, exercise and supplementation which makes me seem like such a novice even as recently as a year ago. In conjunction with her professional responsibility and duty, she are also a sincere, caring and understanding person who makes it enjoyable to address health matters, and this is not always the case in these types of matters. Basically she’s amazing and I really appreciate her.
Dr. Christine Hwang is a life saver! Being a complicated case from whiplash, anxiety to digestive issues, Dr. Christine has gone above and beyond to help me. Having been to several “western” doctors in the past, who either told me it was all in my head, to putting me on aggressive medicine that caused horrible side effects, Dr. Christine has helped me balance my mind, body, and soul through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and homeopathic remedies, for this I am forever grateful. I am fortunate to call Dr. Christine my healer and friend.


I just had a fabulous acupuncture session with Serena! In addition to being a wonderful acupuncturist, she is also a naturopathic doctor: a practitioner who looks at you from a holistic perspective, seeking the underlying causes of your illness, rather than elimination of symptoms. I highly recommend her!