Everyday Chemicals -- Dr. Serena's Story

Is it just me or are you feeling bombarded with information about chemical pollutants? First, there's the oil spill which I'm in partial denial about. Plus this past week in the New York Times, these articles were published: Domestic Detox: Extreme Home Cleaning (5/26/10) and Study Finds Supplements Contain Contaminants (5/25/10). This month's New Yorker has an excellent piece: The Plastic Panic: How worried should we be about everyday chemicals?

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Why You Should Think Twice Before Using Antibacterial Soap and Such...

Just yesterday, the FDA reported that there are "valid concerns" for TRICLOSAN.

First BPA, now TRI....what? Triclosan is registered by the EPA as a pesticide. It was first developed as a surgical scrub for medical professionals. It's an antibacterial chemical found in liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, dishwashing liquids, shaving gels, socks, workout clothes, and toys. Yes it's practically everywhere. The CDC says that it's even found in the urine of 75% of the US population!

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