New Year's Resolution: Meatless Monday

Happy Twenty Ten! My biggest resolution in 2010 is "Meatless Monday", perhaps you've heard of it. This movement has actually been around for a while, but gained attention in 2009 when the Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS) decided on "Meatless Monday" starting last Fall. Of course this did not go off without protest. The meat industry (American Meat Institute) argued that BCPS were depriving the children of protein. This is not the case as there are many vegetarian sources of protein. And now some of the 80,000 kids of BCPS are trying out new vegetables, which is great since a recent CDC study reported that less than 10% of high schoolers eat the daily recommendations for plant foods. I personally tell patients to eat 5 different colors per day (and white is not a color). And, the meals offered on Mondays now are lower in cholesterol and saturated fats, also great since childhood obesity and childhood type II (adult-onset) diabetes are on the rise.

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