Eating Organic During Pregnancy

I'm that (annoying) girl who insists on organic and can be a total pain to eat with, or invite over -especially now.

This doesn't look like just a coincidence to me.  This comparison comes from Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT.  In a presentation this past year, she states that "[a]t today's rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic".

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Preventing Stretch Marks

There's no hiding the belly anymore.   I'm still getting used to and continuously fascinated by my growing bump.

One of the first pieces of advice I received from a best friend was to: moisturize the belly to avoid stretch marks!  I was told this months ago before there was any bump but I diligently followed her instructions and looked for belly balms.

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Radiation and Pregnancy

Last week we flew down to Texas for Thanksgiving - where I'm originally from and my family still resides.

As you would have guessed, I opted out of the body scanner and preferred the pat-down instead. Yes, I am well aware that 'they' say the amount of radiation from the body scanner is minimal, you actually receive more radiation from the cosmic radiation from flying at high altitude - but again for me, if there's a choice, I will always choose the safer one.

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I Refused the Glucola

During my prenatal appointment last Friday, it was time to do that dreaded glucose tolerance test (GTT), a test for gestational diabetes. 

All pregnant women are screened for gestational diabetes, which is diabetes (or high blood glucose) that develops during pregnancy from the hormonal changes which may cause some insulin resistance.  

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