Postpartum Recovery: Rest and Drink Warming Soup

Recently we came across an article from NPR (2011): “For Chinese Moms, Birth Means 30 Days in Pajamas”. If you read it, it’s pretty impractical, especially for the NYC moms we help in our practice.  This article speaks of an old Chinese tradition of rest for new moms, and how modern China has adapted by offering super-lux “confinement centers” for moms 30 days postpartum.  Obviously these centers exist for the wealthy in China, but it’s based on practice of thousands of years.

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All fat is not created equally: white vs. brown fat

Dr. Christine here with her first Serenity Natural Health blog post!

I was mulling over different ideas for what to write about when it hit me: Spring is here, the sun is shining, and after this brutalwinter, I am ready to shed my layers…and some extra (insulating) pounds!

I came across some interesting research that seems oh-so-appropriate for all of us after suffering through this unending winter.

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