Placenta Consumption

Official due date is today and I'm still pregnant...and I'm very ready to meet him!

One of the many phone calls I plan to make immediately postpartum is for my Placenta.  I am going to have my placenta picked up and prepared into capsules - all within 72 hours of delivery.  Yeah yeah, so it sounds weird and trendy. Lately it's been getting attention since celebrities are doing it (like Kourtney Kardashian, Alicia Silverstone, January Jones).  But this isn't a new trend.

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The Beauty of Gray? Not Yet (Please)

I tell people that aging is a natural process but it's not so cool when it happens to me. Sooo, let me tell you.... I have been noticing more gray hairs recently. Not just the 2 or 3 strands I used to occasionally see. (Yes, I know, the old wives' tale about not pulling grays or a hundred will grow back.) At the rate I'm pulling my grays out, I'll be bald soon!! I realize I'm being a really vain. But I see this as an opportunity to do some experimentation (on myself). If it helps a little, great! If it doesn't, I'll age gracefully (or find a great natural colorist).

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