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About Us

Dr. Serena MaAt Serenity Natural Health, we hope to redefine healthcare by combining Western medical training with Oriental medicine to provide the best individualized medicine for our patients.

We view sustainability as the long-term maintenance of well-being, and with that in mind, we educate our patients about holistic health and how diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors affect it.


In an effort to further support the health of ourselves, our patients, and the planet, we've taken extra efforts to be as environmentally friendly and toxin-free as possible.

  • Reduction of Paper Waste - transition to electronic records and files
  • Use of recycled paper products
  • BPA-free credit card receipt paper
  • Water filtration by Ovopur - container made of white lead-free glazed porcelain and recycled materials, with the Aquacristal filter enclosed by hand-blown glass
  • All-steel tea kettle - water never touches plastic
  • Organic teas
  • Energy-star appliances, wherever possible
  • Non-toxic cleaning products


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